Il Bidone (1955) Criterion 1080p BluRay x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 1.0 Italian Tigole [MEGA]

Augusto, Carlo, and Roberto are scam artists who often work together. Middle-age divorced Augusto is the oldest, most seasoned in the business, and the trio’s spiritual leader. They either are immune to the notion that most of their victims are not wealthy–most uneducated, rural peasants–or don’t care that they make at most a few hundred thousand lira at a time. Each of the three is at a different stage of life, which makes Carlo and Augusto examine what they’re doing more critically, each stemming from a specific incident. Roberto, the youngest, still lives solely for the here-and-now and will take any money willingly. Carlo would like to make a living as an artist, hence his nickname of Picasso, if only it would support him, his loyal wife Iris, and their adolescent daughter Silvania. Carlo has told Iris that his frequent absences is in his work as a traveling salesman with Augusto, but she can no longer bury her head in the sand about what he’s doing upon a last-minute social evening out with his associates on New Year’s Eve. Augusto’s examination of his life begins upon a chance encounter with his young-adult daughter Patrizia, whom he had not seen in years and didn’t even recognize. Augusto is torn between what his money can afford in getting Patrizia on her feet as she contemplates extending her expensive education, versus being a role model to her.

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