We lost everything but we are back – 28/02/2023!

Informative and helpful article.

February has been a bad month for the website, several complaints have been received and the server has decided to delete the database without prior notice. We have tried to send several messages to solve the problem or give us a backup but they have been denied. It is for this reason that the website has been inactive, and sick from all that has been lost, years of work. But as always you have to get up, and to continue for that reason it has been decided to migrate the server, acquire a better one to avoid this type of problem but you will have to start from scratch.

  • The only things that have been removed are the articles on the website, the content that was posted is still intact and can be found on the site’s MEGA account.
  • The MEGA Premium account has continued to function, so if you are a VIP you have continued to enjoy the privilege.
  • The month of February does not count, so you have 1 additional free month if you are a VIP.

Now we need your support, to support the payment of hosting servers and MEGA, we will continue working for more months and creating new content daily and uploading to the MEGA (VIP) account, that’s why we ask to buy VIP. And if you are already a VIP buy to extend more months. (Optional).

Thanks and keep working.

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(He/Him) He's BvSRips. I dedicate myself to sharing files on this blog for free. But it is difficult to maintain the links online for a long time, they are denounced and deleted, reuploading costs more work, that is why a section for VIP users was created, where they can download all the files published 100% in MEGA, as premium, without spend more. I would greatly appreciate your collaboration so that this blog remains online for a longer time.


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8 Responses

  1. John Dod says:

    Congrats! Welcome back!

  2. Reddi says:

    So glad to hear you are still alive!
    Keep it up!

  3. Colon Small says:

    welcome back! we missed you guys!!!!

  4. Joe Tikva says:

    Thank goodness you guys are still here!

  5. Hunnybee says:

    You were missed!

  6. vm1 says:

    Happy to see you again 😃
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  7. - says:

    Yeah, welcome back 😀

  8. Ray says:

    Happy to see you back!

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