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Zipporah Films Meat WEB-DL x264 AAC [MEGA]

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Zipporah Films Meat WEB-DL x264 AAC

Zipporah Films Meat WEB-DL x264 AAC

Zipporah Films Meat WEB-DL x264 AAC MEGA This is an amazing motion picture which tracks the production of meat, starting with livestock, and ending with the clear-wrapped steaks we find in our markets.

A stark, straight forward black and white account of how animals become food. Brutally honest and unflinching, this film is not for the faint of heart. It pulls no punches – but simply and graphically traces the process of stunning, slaughter, disembowelment, dismemberment, and butchering of animals. There is no narrative. Just an impassive, no-frills recording of the process by the eye of the camera.

You will probably have a hard time going back to a plate of meat too soon after viewing this film. But it’s a worthwhile examination of food processing that gives you a sense of the reality behind that steak.

Zipporah Films Meat WEB-DL x264 AAC
MP4 | 640×480 | English | ACC | Subs.NO | 1.54 GB

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