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Udemy – Slack Essentials [MEGA]

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Udemy – Slack Essentials MEGA Slack is a collaboration and messaging tool that connects your organization. It’s basically a chat room for your whole company. Your team’s Slack can be divided up into smaller ‘channels’ for group discussion, made up of teams, interests or whatever you desire.

Many of your daily tasks can be made simpler with Slack. In this course, we’ll walk you through on how to setup Slack and how to complete many common work-related tasks in Slack and how to get the most out of Slack.

We’ll go over on how to upload, and share links and files; how to create and manage channels; and how to integrate with over a thousand supported apps, including Twitter and Google Calendar. Plus, learn how to set up a new Slack workspace and configure your team roles and permissions to fit your organization’s communication style.

Who is the target audience?
Team managers, Businesses, or Anyone wanting to learn how to use Slack

Udemy – Slack Essentials
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