Pro Studio – Live Jazz Ensemble with Vocals with Mario Gonzalez TUTORiAL [MEGA]

In this class, Mario is going to guide you through the essential knowledge that is more particular to mixing Jazz, and why this genre requieres a distinct approach. Mario is a session trumpet player and audio engineer with a great deal of experience working these genres, and he will guide you so you can truly understand the concepts behind the “WHY”, and not just the “HOW”. The musical style of a Jazz ensemble requires a delicate process and a particular taste, which has to be approached under a mindset far different from that of someone who is mixing Rock or Pop records. Watch this tutorial and gain the necessary abilities to mix in this genre, understand the best situations in terms of panning and balance between wind instruments that form part of the band. You can then download the multitrack files and create your own mix by applying the concepts already shown, fueling your creativity and professionalism.

In this video you will watch:

– 1 General overview of the session

– 2 Processing on the Piano

– 3 Processing on the main vocals

– 4 Kick

– 5 Snare

– 6 Overheads and Toms

– 7 Bass

– 8 Brass (Balance and processing the entire ensemble of instruments that pertain to Brass)

– 9 Reverbs (Discover how to use different types of reverb to add tall and wide spaces.)

– 10 Automation (How to work with the entire session to create a cohesive end result)


MP4 | 1920×1080 | English | AAC | Subs.N.A | 765MB

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