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Lynda – Communication for Product Managers [MEGA]

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Lynda – Communication for Product Managers MEGA

As a product manager, you serve as the diplomat of the product team. You’re tasked with communicating with stakeholders inside the product team, outside the product team, and even outside the company. By understanding how to communicate with each of these stakeholders in terms of what they care about, you’ll be able to build better products and get more accomplished.

In this course, Jay Clouse reviews the roles and responsibilities of the typical product team and explains the nuances of communicating with each group of stakeholders, including senior leaders, company partners such as sales and marketing, and customers themselves. The course includes real-life scenarios that show these communication strategies in action during phases of product management—including customer discovery, road mapping, and sprint planning.

Topics include:
Product team principles
Members of the product team
Product manager responsibilities
Communicating with senior leaders, sales, marketing, and customer service
Communicating with customers

Lynda – Communication for Product Managers
MP4 | 1280×720 | English | ACC | Subs.Eng | 351 MB

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