Important Updates – 27/11/2020

Hello all!

First I want to thank the users who support this site by being VIP users.

The tv show season has returned for a few weeks and my time dedicated to this blog is 24 hours every day, even if it is not published every hour, I keep encoding and uploading files.

1. Mega has been the main server of this website, allowing 50gb per account. But that has changed, now they will only allow 15gb and the previous accounts will be closed or deleted files. We will continue to upload files to MEGA although it will cost us more work, and most likely we will not re-upload.

2. 1Fichier will continue to function on this website as a secondary server for MEGA.

3. The prices for VIP will change with the passing of the months until maintaining a fixed price that will be according to what is available of material to download. (A month ago it was $ 2 and now it is $ 3) All new material is shared for free except for movies or 4k tv shows.

4. We are uploading 11TB of tv show in 720p x265 only for VIP users, it will not be for free users, sorry but it is easier and faster to upload to G.DRIVE and it will not be eliminated after days or weeks as it would happen with MEGA. Also, acquiring equipment and a cloud plan to support 10tb or more is not free. We hope this will finish uploading before 2020, in order to continue with a second upload project (it will be notified in a new announcement).


Project 2020, Going up

Thank you very much to everyone and to those who support us.



(He/Him) He's BvSRips. I dedicate myself to sharing files on this blog for free. But it is difficult to maintain the links online for a long time, they are denounced and deleted, reuploading costs more work, that is why a section for VIP users was created, where they can download all the files published 100% in MEGA, as premium, without spend more. I would greatly appreciate your collaboration so that this blog remains online for a longer time.


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