Important Updates – 10/02/2021

Greetings to all.

Today I come to communicate a new update on the content that has been added and will be added for VIP members.

1. All TIGOLE 2160p 4k movies have finished uploading and publishing as of today. There are approximately 230 movies they have made, unless they know it and it is only available for VIP USERS. Why? In total it is 5TB that a free server can accept very difficult and does not end up canceling the account or removing the links every week, which would have to re-upload several times and would generate a lot of workload.

2. An additional server has been added apart from Google Drive, which works well and downloads fast and without limits.

3. The TOP 100 of series (mostly) have been published based on IMDB, all their complete seasons in 720p x265.

4. There was a blockage in a G.DRIVE account but the files continue to work, if you have a download problem, you should only download two or more files at the same time from the same folder to bypass that blockage.

5. The tv show episodes that are broadcast every week are still updated in the folder, sometimes it may take days to add but it continues to work, even if the new episode is not published in the HOME of the website, it is being added.

6. Now we are working on increasing more the repertoire of tv show, and adding full seasons of anime at the same time as movies.

Many thanks to those who support this site and those who do not like their visit, will continue to upload to MEGA & 1fichier always although in limited sections. The price of VIP has remained until now at $ 10 x 3 months, and as more content increases, the price will rise but for now it will cost, which serves to maintain the site and have more download servers. (There are days when there is no stock in the store, and it is because I am only limiting user access to the site on a monthly basis, because it does not seek to saturate the servers, but new stock is added weekly).

>> BUY VIP <<

We choose a different approach. Will you support it? I am BvSRips, I make my own rips of movies and series in 1080p x265 in reduced size for those users who do not have a high speed internet. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy TV or movie entertainment, but what if it can't be seen in my country? What if you don't have subtitles? Do I have to pay $ 10 or $ 15 on each streaming platform? That is why this website was born by sharing files on free servers (mega and 1fichier). We do not place advertising or popups because they are intrusive for the user, we want you to enjoy this website. But also the website and the tools used consume an expense that we assume and that now you can support us.You can become a VIP member and download without limit, read more here. I hope I can count on your help.

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