⭐ GIVE AWAY Premium Mega – Just leave a comment! ⭐

A 4-day Mega Pro Lite account will be raffled off with 800gb available for download.

Leave your comment and the day of tomorrow by means of a raffle for random.org will be dictated to the winner.

There can be up to 2 winners.

Fill in the information when commenting on an email where you can contact if you win.


 ⭐Winners ⭐






Very attentive to the page that any day next week will be drawn another account but now 1 month!

(He/Him) He's BvSRips. I dedicate myself to sharing files on this blog for free. But it is difficult to maintain the links online for a long time, they are denounced and deleted, reuploading costs more work, that is why a section for VIP users was created, where they can download all the files published 100% in MEGA, as premium, without spend more. I would greatly appreciate your collaboration so that this blog remains online for a longer time.


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34 Responses

  1. Katerina says:


  2. ayman says:

    hello heloo

  3. nedu says:

    hello. i want to win this

  4. Iceman says:

    Woot woot

  5. darlan says:

    thanks! amazing site.

  6. SanraS says:

    Well this is really good, Hope I win and thanks! also is there a request area for movies?

    • megaddl says:

      /Sent data to mail
      At the moment, no. I just consider uploading the most recent (tv show and movie) and tigole / qxr releases of the TOP IMDB.

      Maybe later.

  7. literally says:

    my comment

  8. Joe Kingsman says:

    Random 😉

  9. Evilwhopper says:

    Well i’ll be been on this site for a while now, didn’t know they raffle things off like this! Will be great to win.

  10. Jesse says:

    Nice! Crossing my fingers!

  11. Jesse says:

    Nice! Crossing my fingers! Winning!

  12. The Mega Man says:

    Perfect timing. MEGADDL you are awesome! Thank you.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for the competition 🙂

  14. Dre says:


  15. daaftermath says:

    Dont even want it, just want to say thank you and keep up the great work, really appreciate it

  16. Julie P says:

    Great work! Thanks for a great website!

  17. Julie P says:

    Great work! Thanks for a great website and now a great raffle to boot!!!

  18. Parry says:

    This is my favorite website.

  19. Kamal says:

    would love to receive this. Thank you

  20. Rob Martin says:

    One of my fave sites. As always, thanks for the great stuff,

  21. mpege says:

    wow; i can’t wait

  22. megaddl says:

    Finish Give Away

  23. bestofjazzlye says:


  24. RRRM says:

    Gratitude and thanks for all the work put in

  25. MEGADDLuser says:

    Thanks for all the content

  26. HiFi187 says:


  27. tim says:

    Moo. I like pie

  28. creach says:

    Great site, just wish more stuff was in 264.

  29. Flucasmgtx says:


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